PAINTING Survey Results

The Ad Hoc Painting Group, consisting of Corky Pike, Sue Ryan and Russ Soderberg
presents the following information regarding the recent Painting Survey

A painting survey was made available to homeowners through an electronic reply or a paper reply in the early part of December.

Shown below are the results of the survey.


  • 60% of homeowners participated with 128 survey responses.
  • 33% through paper with 70 responses.
  • 27% through electronic with 58 responses.
  • 13% of homeowners chose a single color scheme with 27 responses.
  • 47% of homeowners chose the multi color schemes with 101 responses.
  • Of the 128 responses.
  • 21% were for single color.
  • 79% were for multi color.

Thanks to all homeowners responding to the survey. Having 60% of homeowners respond is a very good representation of homeowners and shows a great interest in our  association.

We are recommending the Villas Board of Directors approves the four color painting schemes which were presented to the homeowners.

Thanks again for your participation.

Corky Pike

Sue Ryan

Russ Soderberg