2020 Meeting Schedule

The rescheduled Annual meeting will be held on Monday, April 13 at 3:00pm.

Due to COVID-19 concerns the originally scheduled meeting was suspended until an alternative solution could be found for the meeting. Based on newly imposed restrictions on in-person meetings, your Board has had to look at alternative solutions.

Our governing documents require the annual meeting to be held in March or April. To accomplish this, a virtual meeting will be conducted utilizing an online service called Zoom.

Your Board has tested the Zoom process and feels this will be a viable method to hold this meeting. Your feedback after the meeting would be appreciated, as we may have to use this process for future meetings as we all work through the current health crisis.

To use Zoom you will need to install a small APP on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Basic instructions and the meeting number / password will be distributed during the week of April 5.

There is an abbreviated agenda for this meeting, as the announcement of the Board election has been previously distributed, the year end financials were reviewed at the February Board meeting, and committee reports were distributed through the March Villas Voice.

1. Welcome and Call to Order.
2. Proof of Call. Notice was sent by first-class mail on February 20, 2020.
3. Establishment of Quorum. Quorum was established through the ballot process with 111 homeowners responding.
4. Welcome of newly elected Board members.
5. Report from Board.
6. General Business.
7. Attendees Questions and Comments.
8. Board Member comments.
9. Adjournment.

Thank you to all the volunteers who continue to make our community a very valuable asset to all the homeowners.

Please remember to follow health guidelines from the various government agencies and stay safe in these very trying times.

Your Villas Association Board of Directors