Scheduled Repair Work

Jimenez Roofing has started the roof inspections the week of January 8. The week of January 16 they will start on the underlayment replacement on the first of 16 buildings (one duplex = one building). Weather permitting and availability of roofing tiles. The target is to finish the last roof in early May. The 16 buildings are in order of the work:
Unit 35 – lots 107/108, 105/106, 103/104, 101/102, 100/99, 97/98, 96, 94/95,82/83
Unit 35A – lots 48A/49A, 46A/47A, 44A/45A, 28A/29A, 26A/27A, 24A/25A, 22A/23A
The re-roofing process includes removing and storing the tiles, removing any existing underlayment and battens, replacing any water damaged decking and fascia, installing new Polyglas underlayment, new battens and replacing the tiles including any broken tiles.

The 2023 Painting Schedule will also start next Monday, January 16. The contractor is the same as last year, Approved Painting. The buildings to be painted are, in the order of the job:
Unit 35A – lots 9A/10A, 19A, 60A/61A
Unit 35 – lots 140/141, 45/46, 47/48, 40/41, 34/35, 36/37, 117/118, 115/116, 113/114, 63/64

The annual inspection by the EP&M committee went well. Needed repairs are being addressed by our handyman, Casi, and other contractors as needed. As a homeowner the maintenance of your villa is your responsibility. EP&M only knows if there is a problem if you send in a work order through Cadden. We are sincerely hoping that issues with this process have been corrected.

Snowbirds need to be aware that the exterior of your villa looks more lived-in while you are away if the debris from nature – dead leaves, acorns, sticks, rocks – are removed from the sidewalk, entry way and driveway. If you have a house watcher, it’s to your benefit to make sure that they take care of this.

Sue Ryan, Committee Chair 708-602-3808 or (I no longer have the 520-825-2648 landline.)